The Docksman By Mr Stitch and Grenson

Do men feel the same way about shoes as women? Have you ever looked at a shoe and told it that you love it?  Whether that’s a yes or no, think about it, the smell of leather, breaking them in and the compliments.  If you are anything like me, I do like a compliment.  When you get a new pair of Grenson’s, you feel like you could conquer the world every step of the way.

Strength, power and craftsmanship.  All the qualities I wanted to inject when I was designing “The Docksman”.  The trepidation of being able to design your own shoes, the possibilities are endless.  I like a good story though and it’s a great conversation starter.

The Docksman by Mr Stitch and Grenson

Let me set the scene. Imagine fog over a frosty cobbled street, a foghorn sounds in the distance, the sun slowly climbs in the sky, warming the grazing sheep on the Belfast hills. A man awakens, he stretches, climbs quietly out of bed and starts to get ready for work. Once ready, he joins the faction of men strolling to the docks. Vigorous and undaunted, he sets about his day. Metal is bent, rivets are fastened to the steel beams, the sweat beads on his forehead but he powers on. With a gritty frown, he sees his day in and when the bugle calls, he goes home.  And what has he got on his feet? “The Docksman”.

“The Docksman” brogues are a tribute to the identity that the docks have brought to Belfast. The navy nubuck represents the collective maritime history of the River Lagan and Belfast Lough on which this great city was built on. The signature yellow suede heel personifies the iconic Harland and Wolff  Samson & Goliath cranes which have towered over Belfast for over 50 years. The final acknowledgement is the single white rivet, a nod to the White Star Line, the company who built the infamous HMS Titanic.

The Docksman by Mr Stitch and GrensonThe Docksman By Mr Stitch and GrensonThe Docksman by Mr Stitch and Grenson

The partnership with Grenson seemed only natural. The exquisite craftsmanship and durability of the Grenson brand embodies the core values of what we try to bring to our customers. Available online at the price of £350 and with only twelve made, The Docksman by Mr Stitch and Grenson are definitely a must have statement piece.  These are the type of shoes that you say I love you too.

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