Now is the time – Up to 50% off Sale!

Sale is a word that brings music to everyone’s ears. And if I were specific about the kind of music, it is a symphony with a backing house beat; totally distracting and all parts amazing. Now is the time of year when Mr & Mrs Stitch can share this sweet music around. This is your chance to update your summer and winter wardrobe with timeless pieces from coveted designer brands.

In my mind a great sale is equivalent to:
  • Uber puppies (yes, that is a thing. Would you believe that for one day in Australia you could hire an Uber to deliver a puppy to your workplace for everyone to play with and adore? I think we should campaign for Uber to bring that over here, but that is a topic for another day.)
  • Getting upgraded to business class on a long haul flight.
  • Discovering you still have cash left in your wallet after a night out that involved a few too many rounds at the bar.
  • Receiving an actual handwritten letter by snail mail.
  • A roast dinner (cooked by someone else).


If the word ‘sale’ isn’t enough, you can imagine how thrilled I am when the words ‘up to 50% off’ comes before it. From my own experience I therefore know that an ‘up to 50% off sale’ is the only kind of sale worth bothering about. So that is exactly what we are doing now online at Mr & Mrs Stitch and in store at Rio & Brazil, Belfast.

This unprecedented sale includes exclusive women’s labels such as High, Gant, Ottodame and Part Two. As well as designer menswear brands such as Orlebar Brown, Circle of Gentlemen, Gant Rugger and Jacob Cohen.



This is a sale that is too good to miss.


Happy shopping!

Mr & Mrs Stitch

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