La La Land Live in Concert

If you haven’t heard of the film La La Land I’m going to assume you have been living under a rock. The smash hit musical motion picture swept the floor at this year’s awards season. It took in a mammoth haul of six Academy Awards, seven Golden Globes and five BAFTAs. This September you can relive the magic of this award-winning film with the La La Land Live in Concert tour.

The Film

La La Land is a revival of the golden age of Hollywood. It takes us back to a time when cinema had a love affair with musicals. The stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have chemistry as a talented pianist and aspiring actor. Their story is one of dreamers that find each other on their journey to finding themselves. The title is a nod to the pair being dreamers as well as the city of Los Angeles.

The Concert

There is no doubt that the outstanding music featured in La La Land played a huge role in its worldwide success. Winning both the Academy Award for Best Original Score and Best Original Song is proof of this. That is why this musical masterpiece is being brought to UK and Ireland live in concert. La La Land will be scored live by a sixty piece orchestra and choir. It is set to be a cinematic experience like no other. Variety writes that “It’s the grand orchestrations that are truly magical”

The concert’s director, Richard Kraft said that “By preserving the film’s unique recorded vocal performances of Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and John Legend from the film’s soundtrack, and blending them with live musicians, we are able to build a one-of-kind concert experience, which becomes a hybrid of film, pre-recordings, and incredible live musicianship.”


If you live in Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, York or Blackpool this live musical performance is being brought right to your doorstep. And if you don’t, I think a road trip should definitely be on the cards.


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