Summer Beauty Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed!

With the Summer holiday season just around the corner it is important that you have your beauty arsenal ready with a host of sun protection products. Owning and applying (every few hours) a high SPF sunscreen is a no brainer when it comes to spending time in the sun. But there are areas of our body that it is easy to forget about while we are busy slathering every inch of our skin in sunscreen. We have done the research for you and have gathered a bunch of our favourite Summer beauty finds that shield those forgotten areas. Here is what you’ll find in our 2nd Day Birger et Mikkelsen tote at the beach this season.


We realize that the importance of protecting your face from UV rays is blindingly obvious. Sometimes it can be no picnic finding an alternative foundation with high SPF for the summer months. And the alternative of layering greasy sunscreen on top of your regular foundation makes my skin feel claustrophobic just thinking about it. Luckily there are now primers that contain high SPF factors so you can continue wearing your favourite foundation over the top of a protective base layer. Try The Radiance Primer SPF 35 by Nars. It is an oil free base coat that revitalises and boosts the radiance of sallow looking skin. Perfect for the transition from winter to summer.


I’m sure we have all experienced being burnt on our scalp where our hair parts. Investing in a glamorous broad brimmed hat is one way to protect the vulnerable skin on our hairline. The other way is to try this specially designed Color Extend Sun Take Cover Mousse by Redken that contains SPF 25. It gives body to limp locks at the roots while also masking your scalp from harmful UV rays.



After a day being tousled by the wind, dried out by the sun and caked in salt by the surf, your hair will be in need of a little TLC. It is important to restore your hair’s shine and hydration straight away. Masterfully crafted by the Frédéric Fekkai St. Barths Salon this Apres Soleil Crème is an award winning Summer hair recovery treatment. This rejuvenating mask is lightweight and infused with sunflower seed oil.


Despite being one of the most prominent features on our face, the lips are often overlooked in the quest for sun protection. The skin on your lips is very thin and prone to burning or chapping in the sun. There is a huge range of translucent lip balms out there that contain varying levels of SPF. Our top pick is Marc Jacobs Lip Lock Moisture Balm with SPF 18 that is so creamy it has us addicted to reapplying.

But what if you are after something other than a nude lip look this Summer? We have discovered some highly pigmented lipsticks that provide just as much sun protection as a clear balm. The Sephora Collection Rouge Balm line nurtures and protects the delicate skin on your lips with a SPF 20 wax concentrate. The creamy gel texture contains light reflecting pigments for a natural shine and comes in 8 vibrant colours. .

If you can’t part from your signature lipstick shade, here is the perfect option for you. Supergoop have developed a Shine On Lip Screen with SPF 50 that acts as a protective top coat. You can wear the lip screen over your regular lipstick without worrying that it will diminish the vibrancy of colour. Apart from UV protection, the lip screen adds a water resistant soft gloss finish.


Massaging sun cream into your hands is a must because they are always exposed to the sun’s rays during the warmer months. But sun cream doesn’t help to protect your nails. Too much sun on your nails can cause them to discolour and change in texture. Simply applying a layer or two of your favourite nail polish will protect your nails from sun damage. So why not use this as an excuse to investing a new and exciting nail polish? One that we are keen to try is Barry M’s Sunset Gel range. These gel polishes are made from a special formula that cures in sunlight to deliver the look and resilience of pro salon gels.

So now you are all sensibly set for your Summer break. Now we can try and be as sensible with our cocktails as we are about our sun protection!


Mrs Stitch x

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