How to use Honey as a Beauty Treatment

I’ve always been a fan of adding a teaspoon of honey to my chai lattes and drizzling a bit over my morning bowl of cereal. Honey is nature’s miracle sweetener and, as it turns out, a useful beauty treatment. After doing some research into the medicinal and beauty benefits of honey I am convinced that you could jump into a vat of this liquid gold and become immortal. Honey just has so much going for it.


Lets take a moment to celebrate the bees that turn the nectar from flowers into golden honey. I wont go into the whole digestion and regurgitation process because it slightly takes away from the beautiful end product. All we need to know is that these are miraculous creatures and they should be protected. There is recently a huge threat to bumble bee populations as a result of declining wildflower growth and insecticides brought about by agricultural practices. This is alarming because not only do bees produce honey, they are also excellent pollinators that aid our food crops. If you want to do your little bit to help save these magnificent creatures you could try planting wildflowers in your garden and avoid using harmful insecticides. 



Superpower qualities of honey

Natural humectant: meaning it absorbs and helps retain moisture.

Antibacterial: honey contains a vital enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, which kills bacteria and heals wounds

Antioxidant: it works against free radicals to help encourage the growth of new tissue

Acidic: honey has a surprisingly high PH level meaning it can help prevent the growth of bacteria



Honey as a beauty treatment

Put it on your hair

It turns out that honey is an age-old trick for making your hair shiny because of its humectant quality. Rubbing honey into your hair can help it retain moisture and can improve scalp dryness. But be sure to wash it out thoroughly so your hair isn’t a sticky mess.

Slather it on your sunburn

Honey can help soothe burns, including sunburn, because it works as an anti-inflammatory and helps add moisture to the affected area. We all know about the wonders of aloe vera after a day at the beach, so why not mix a bit of honey into your after-sun gel?

Soothe your sore throat

For a natural cough syrup you can combine honey, lemon and ginger in hot water. Honey’s antibacterial quality can help kill off the nasties in your throat while soothing and reducing the inflammation.

Put it on your cuticles

Try mixing one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of coconut oil for a cuticle treatment that will soften and protect dry skin.

Cure your hangover

A spoonful of honey can help break down the alcohol in your system. So try it out as a rescue remedy next time you indulge in a few too many rounds.

Soak your body in it

Dissolve a few teaspoons of honey in your next bath for a natural shower cream that will keep your skin moisturised and smelling lovely.


Always buy raw honey to use as a beauty treatment because processed honey can include unnatural additives that may make its superpower qualities obsolete.


Mrs Stitch x

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